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Health and Wellness through Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation & Massage

YOGA is a unique system of low-impact classical movements designed to release tension and stress, tone and strengthen, improve posture and general wellbeing.    It is suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes, men and women and no previous yoga experience of any particular level of fitness is required. We encourage people to listen to their bodies and relax and enjoy the movements. Classes are 75 - 90 minutes and conclude with a 10-15 minute relaxation meditation.

Yoga... is the cultivation of Awareness, Relaxation and Conscious breathing - without bringing awareness and relaxation to yoga, the exercises would be merely exercises - not Yogic exercises  Sri T. Krishnamacharya 

Shanthi Bhavana means:

Cultivating (or Visualising/Meditating upon) Peace, Calm, Tranquility and Transcendence.

Shanthi Bhavana Meditation & Yoga provides teaching, classes, workshops and events for health and wellness and greater fitness for our bodies and minds.

Yoga is for everyone - regardless of age, level of fitness, or flexibilty; there is a level of yoga to suit every person - "every-body".

Combining ancient, traditional yoga modalities with modern interpretations (such as Chair Yoga), and with the awareness that not all people are flexible, Shanthi Bhavana Meditation & Yoga caters for all age groups and fitness levels - offering gentle, breath-centred Asana and Pranayama practice (stretching postures and correct, mindful breath and pranic energy control), with relaxation techniques for active, busy, stressed people, and meditation that is designed to assist everyone, no matter their stage in life.

Chair Yoga is designed on traditional Hatha Yoga principles and adapted for people who may have issues with flexibility and mobility. It is a gentle, breath-centred movement yoga practiced while sitting on a chair, or while standing with the support of a chair. It helps “non-yoga” people to gain flexibility of joints and muscle, aids balance and nurtures every major organ - stimulating energy and wellness.

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Meditation and relaxation is an important part of a daily healthy routine and helps calm and centre the mind - bringing about positive energy and a greater sense of purpose in one’s life. It is the focus for breath/prana control (Pranayama) and can unite one’s core spirit with universal consciousness.

Yoga means: union, or to join, and with a properly designed yoga practice - that is appropriate to the individual student’s needs - it is possible to unite the inner Self with Universal consciousness and bring about a highly energized state of healthful being.

Yoga - whether practiced on mat in a yoga studio, or high in the Himalayan mountains, on a beach, or while sitting on a chair; when practiced correctly, and taught by a knowledgable and well-trained teacher in the classical tradition, is all YOGA... and Yoga is Life!

What Sri Shanthi Teaches - Mindful, Meditative Movement Yoga:

Sri Shanthi Bhavana is a holistic therapist specialising in Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation and Sound Healing Therapy. Shanthi teaches yoga in the Krishnamacharya classic Indian Hatha style and meditation in the yogic and Buddhist traditions, including: Mindfullness/Awareness, Compassion/Forgiveness,  Vipassana ("Insight") and guided visualisations, as well as relaxation techniques.

Sri Shanthi studied with great teaches in India, Sri Lanka, Australia and the United States. 

Sri Shanthi Bhavana is a registered professional therapist with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), a registered teaching practitioner and certified graduate from AURA Wellness Centre, Massachusetts, USA, in Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga, and a certified graduate teacher in Chair Yoga and Meditation, from Inner Voyage Holistic Human Development (IVHHD) School of Meditation and Alternative Therapy. He is also a member of the International Meditation Teachers Association (IMTA), and the Sound Healers Association / International Sound Therapy (SHA / IST), as well as an IICT Certified Massage Therapist.

Sri Shanthi's teaching practice is based on the teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and Sri Bhagavan Patanjali in the ancient tradition of Classical Indian Yoga and is a breath-centred, or breath-awareness practice – where the mind is concentrated on deep breath cycles, and the awareness is focused on the dynamic movement and static holding of each asana (posture). It is a gentle, mindful, meditative movement yoga practice, which honours and gives space to the natural, healing, restorative and rejuvenative process.

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Yoga is both a preparation for meditation, and a meditation in itself. As such the mind is directed internally on the practice – excluding any external influences. Sri Shanthi Bhavana combines the Yoga tradition of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, through the teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, with Buddhist Dhamma philosophy. 

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Shanthi Bhavana Meditation & Yoga

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Sri Shanthi Bhavana demonstrating Yoga in Nanhu Park, the City of Nanning, Guangxi Province, the People's Republic of China

Holistic Health, Fitness & Wellness 

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