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Shanthi Zen Wellness Retreat

Healing Yoga & Massage Therapies

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Zen Holistic Healing & Wellness Retreat

Health and Wellness through Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation & Massage

Experience the timeless ancient art of holistic healing - a delicious mix of traditional, natural Indian and Chinese Healing and Wellness modalities ~ speciising in rehab, illness recovery, stress-related “Burn Out”, Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Myo-Fascial Pain, Depression and Anxiety, sleep disorder. Stimulates increased holistic wellness and health.

Private sessions - prescriptive therapeutic healing Yoga, Meditation, Massage and traditional Chinese therapy to stimulate the body’s subtle energy system: to de-stress, detox, recharge, renew, restore and revitalise your immune system and help fight illness - bringing harmony, vitality and wellness!

Shanthi Bhavana is an internationally Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Therapist, dedicated to giving individualised breath-centred Yoga, as a process of rejuvenation, healing and repatriation. He is also a Certified Massage Therapist.

Yue Yuan Luo is a Certified Massage Therapist specialising in giving traditional Swedish and Chinese Massage and Reflexology for healing, and stimulating energy, stress-release, health and wellness.

·      Recovery from illness and mental / physical “Burn Out”  

·      PTSD, Chonic Pain management     

·      Anxiety & Depression management 

·      Therapeutic Remedial Yoga

·      Meditation

·      Relaxation & Stress Management Counselling

·      Sound Therapy

·      Relaxation & Sleep Therapy

·      Relaxation Massage Therapy

·      Reflexology

·      Acupressure Massage

·      Neck, Head, Shoulders & Upper Back

·      Lower Back - Sciatica

·      Legs & Arms

·      Whole Body Massage

·      Face Massage

·      Stomach/Abdominal Massage

·      Relief from Headache & Migraine

·      Deep Tissue Oil or Dry Massage

·      Vegetable and Fruit Facials / Skin Tonic

·      Herbal Medicinal Teas

·      Health Advice, Counselling & Practical Tuition

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Holistic Healing & Wellness Retreat

“Ancient Healing Therapies for Modern Times"

To Arrange a Consultation contact:  Sri Shanthi

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